Rose Leighton - Into the north - Eeyou Istchee Baie James Tourism

Rose Leighton

24 years old, Australian

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Rose Leighton
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Rose Leighton

Age : 24

Nationality : Australian

Occupation : Wanderer

Rose was not selected to participate in the adventure.

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canoeing, cooking, wilderness survival, hiking, fishing

  • Why do you wish to take part in the ITN adventure?

    It feels like the perfect fit. This is the type of travel I am interested in and I have been thinking of ways that I can turn my travel experiences into something I can share with a wider audience. Canada is such a beautiful, vast, untouched expanse of land, how could I not with to take part in it?!

  • In your opinion, where is the most beautiful place on earth and why?

    There is an immeasurable amount of beauty to be found in all corners of the globe; but sitting out in the surf at Gnaraloo Station in remote Western Australia, surrounded by crystal water filled with manta rays, breaching whales and their babies and watching the sunset over the ocean alone: magical.

  • What’s your favourite travel story?

    300 characters? You're crazy. Its got to do with; hiking out of a small town in the Moroccan mountains, being attacked by a baby goat, stumbling into miles of marijuana plantations, watching a massive bonfire melt into the sunset, drinking mint tea (maybe our last) across extreme language barriers..

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Rose Leighton - Into the north - Eeyou Istchee Baie James Tourism
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